We are people of faith offering hope and a home in our community.

Founded in 2004 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, Community Missions Corporation strives to eliminate chronic homelessness in Northwest Missouri.


Community Missions provides safe, affordable housing and supportive services for low and moderate income men with disabilities who have been chronically homeless. To accomplish this, Community Missions owns and manages two apartment buildings (Juda House and St. Joseph's Haven) providing housing to 34 men in 16 studio and 9 semi-private apartments. St. Joseph's Haven also incorporates a "Safe Haven" component into its repertoire of services, providing shelter for up to 7 additional men during crisis situations.


Together, these projects form the foundation for a comprehensive approach to providing supportive housing for men whose addictions, mental health, or other barriers have resulted in ongoing and recurrent homelessness. Together, we can eliminate homelessness in Northwest Missouri.

700 Olive

St. Joseph, MO