We are people of faith offering hope and a home in our community.

St. Joseph's Haven opened its doors on September 9, 2009 to an eagerly awaiting throng of men. St. Joseph's Haven houses 18 chronically homeless men in 9 semi-private suites.


St. Joseph's Haven also incorporates a "Safe Haven" component into its repertoire of services, providing shelter for up to 7 additional men during crisis situations.                     


Thanks to all those in the community who have worked so hard to make St. Joseph's Haven a reality. We still need your help! You can "adopt" one of our residents and help cover the costs of their housing and other needs.


Food is another way to get involved. We need churches, civic groups and others to commit to preparing and serving dinner at the Haven. We serve over 20 people each evening but more food is always welcome!

St. Joseph's Haven

Juda House

Juda House provides housing to sixteen (16) chronically homeless men who are diagnosed with one or more disabilities. Using the “Housing First”model, a proven strategy recommended by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), case managers at Community Missions work to assure that the basic needs of each man in our care are met so that he can then begin addressing those issues that have rendered him homeless time and time again--things like serious mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction, physical impairment.


Once the stress of living on the streets is alleviated and the men know where they will sleep each night and when they will eat again, they begin to seek counsel from and trust recommendations made by the staff.


With the help of staff and our loyal volunteers, the men begin to take care of themselves, following up on doctor and counseling appointments; finding sources of income through veterans benefits, disability insurance or employment; and working to build and stabilize long-damaged relationships with their families.

My Brother's House

My Brother's House - Cold Weather Shelter - operating from January through March, the seasonal Cold Weather Shelter allows CMC to help those in need during the year’s most inclement cold weather times, gaining the trust of the men who are homeless or chronically homeless and are living on the streets.


Staff then works with the men to move them from the streets into permanent housing.

700 Olive

St. Joseph, MO